About Roy

I'm Roy Solberg, a Norwegian system developer working as Android Tech Lead for FotMob - one of the world's biggest live score apps for football ⚽.

Before I started working with FotMob I worked 10 years as an IT consultant. I'm a full stack developer, but have an extra passion when it comes to mobile apps, smart homes, virtual assistants and other new tech.

I mainly started this blog as I grew tired of seeing all these security vulnerabilities in web and mobile apps. Other side projects include different successful Android apps and a cryptocurrency trading bot on Binance.

Speaking 🔗

I always give a few talks every year - lately especially on IT security and related to findings I have presented on my blog. Other topics include smart homes and mobile app development. If you're interested in me giving a talk just send me an e-mail or give me a word on Twitter or LinkedIn. 🙂

I give both talks that are on a higher level (not technical) and on as a low level as desired. I also do workshops.

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