1995: When you could get a demo of the Internet on a floppy disk

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Published: Wed, September 13, 2017, 23:00
Updated: Sat, September 16, 2017, 08:10
Internet archive

tl;dr šŸ”—

I've uploaded all the HTML files from a Norwegian Internet Service Provider's Internet demo diskette so you can (almost) surf like it's 1995.

Background šŸ”—

Back in 1995 - one year before I tried the Internet for the first time, and two years before I got Internet access at home - my mother brought me this floppy disk from work. She thought I might be interested in checking it out. It was a demo of the Internet!

I didn't really know what the World Wide Web was about. The diskette contained the web browser Mosaic, and it actually gave a feel of what the Internet was like.

Demo šŸ”—

Below is the demo itself. It's nice to see the HTML pages still working the same 22 years later. You can also open demo in full screen.

First lines of HTML šŸ”—

When I tried the demo disk I remember being curious about how those pages worked. I found the source code and from there I wrote my first lines of HTML. It was pretty cool to see how the markup was rendered in the browser from the floppy disk. Little did I know I would code web pages for a living 10 years later. :)

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